Sunday, February 12, 2006

They will see us waving from such great heights..

Its been brought to my attention...that I should update this thing. So, here goes...

I feel like in this world, Christians are all waiting for great things. Somehow, we can't understand that we aren't getting to those great things. We pray and pray that God will move the obstacles in our lives and make a way for the great things.It doesn't work that way. Sometimes...well...most times we have to walk right into the obstacle and just have the faith that God's going to move it when we get to it. But, if we dont' have the faith to take those steps despite the obstacle, we'll never get to the place where God can move it!! On my way into town the other day, I read on a billboard of a church "God lights paths, not runways."

On a more personal note....God's been overwhelming me with blessings lately....its so amazing! I've started my new job, which is a HUGE blessing and has just been a blast so far....and I'm continually seeing God move in my life. Praise God!


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