Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Mud puddles

Its been a while. Not that it really matters....I believe I'm the only one who reads this. But, alas, I'll continue....

God is funny. He seemingly places things and people in your life that make so much sense...at the time...and then re-routes your whole ideas all at once. I have no doubt in my mind that I have learned so much where God has placed me. I've met amazing people and had some unforgettable experiences that I'll cherish. But now what? I find myself asking that dangerous question daily. Its not so much that I'm not letting God use me where I'm at...but I'm ready for more. I feel like I've grown so much in the past few months. I've really grown up. I've learned how to wait for God and how my life can affect so many and continually does so. So why is it that I'm unhappy with where I'm at??

I ask this realizing that I'm putting myself in a very vulnerable position. I've been praying about this "whats next" idea I have and have realized that God is challenging it. Now, I knew this was going to happen, but I wasn't prepared for it. I think I'm ready for more...for another place...for another experience...and God blasts me with it. But its not a positive experience. Why is it that I'm looking for that next piece of Heaven? God gives it to me everyday...yet its not enough. So, He gives me the trials that I'll need to get through to be in a place that I'm capable of that next step. Its obvious that I can't do it on my own...I've tried that and fallen flat on my face.

A few weeks ago I led a devotion in my young adult group on dancing in God's rainshowers. We seem to run inside during the storms in our life. We run in and cover our heads and avoid the inevitable. Yet, somehow we manage to forget the fact that without that rain...our life wouldn't be what it is. Rain is the nourishment to nature...to animals...to life itself. Why are we running from something so vibrant and giving? I challenged everyone to play in the rain. To take these storms as a challenge from God...and then enjoy the life that they bring once they're over. And you know the best part about rainshowers? The sun always comes back out.

I need to practice what I preach. Wait on God. Enjoy the rain. My friend Steve asked me today, "So, what GOOD is going on in your life?" All I'm seeing is the negative, and God is showing me a little bit of sun in the middle of this rainshower. Thanks, Steve, I needed that.

And thank you, Lord, for this rainshower.


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