Friday, June 16, 2006

Pursued by punk rock...

If you know me very well, you know that I love music. I can't spend a day at work without listening to emo or praise songs or upbeat punk music. Today I'm in one of those punk moods...suprisingly enough. I dabble in pure-volume of my favorite things is finding bands that nobody's ever heard of before and becoming a huge fan. Its not necessarily purposeful that I become such a huge fan...I just happen to really enjoy quality music thats not over commercialized and popular.

Being a songwriter is such a powerful position. I'd love to be able to scribble out a few words that paint a picture of my innermost thoughts, then grab a guitar and pick out a collage of notes to harmonize my intent. Fortunately, God knows whats best for me...and apparently thats not.

I think what draws me in so much is the pursuit in these songs. The lyrics grab at your heart and I can actually visualize (the videographer coming out in me) someone singing this to a girl. I found a particularly intersting song by Cartel that deals with just this...songwriting and pursuit.

"...all these minstrels through the ages
that is really all we are
simply singing for the girl
that makes us try so very hard
to craft the perfect limerick
to wield unending woe
to write such silly songs
and the different never know

shelter me oh genius words
just give me strength
just to pen these things
and give me peace to well her wings
and oh carry on all you minstrels of the world
we will catch our ladies ear
we will win for us the girl..."

A huge part of me can't wait to be pursued like this. There is nothing more romantic than someone intentionally pursuing a relationship with you...platonic or not.... I can't remember a time when I was fully pursued by someone like that.

As I've spent my day thinking about those lyrics, I realized thats what God wants. I should be spending my every free moment and every thought pursuing a closer relationship with Him. Just as it is exciting for me when someone cares enough to be intentional, its just as exciting for God! And He deserves SO much more!

So, I leave you with this good song...a new "unknown" band to discover....and something to ponder. Be intentional....God is so deserving of that.


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