Monday, June 23, 2008


Fresh brew.

There's something about the tantalizing sensation when coffee is brewing. Maybe it invokes an inner peace. Maybe its nostalgia inducing. Whatever it is, its appealing at the most personal level.

I sat at a coffee shop for hours on Saturday. I curled up in the corner chair with a book and an iced green tea. Mmmm. Now, I could have been reading anywhere. I could have been on an old quilt basking in the sun at the park. I could have been sitting by the pool, holding my book at an angle that shields my eyes from the sun. I could have been sitting in the recliner positioned in the corner of my living room, under the ceiling fan. But no. It wouldn't have been the same. No scent of fresh brew.

There are a couple of things I noticed while I flipped the pages of Creasey.

1: Coffee is the universal love language. Seriously. Even if you don't love the taste of probably enjoy the smell of coffee beans. Or, at the very least, you enjoy the sedated atmosphere. I saw an older couple ride up on a scooter, get coffee, then sit outside laughing together. I saw a young man muddling over his computer with an iced joe in hand and a big smile whenever someone walked in. I even saw a young father and his baby prancing around with a Krispie treat in hand. So many different lives. So many different genres. Still, coming together over one common beverage says something, right?

2: The music is always better in a coffee shop. Maybe its how it sounds in a coffee shops that makes it better, but I can't remember the last time I was disappointed in the musical stimulation. Maybe its the dancer in me that enjoys melodic crooning. Maybe my soul is so open by the scent that the tunes are more freely spoken. Who knows. At any rate, even now....sitting in my office sipping some Starbucks has got me listening to a smooth mix of lyrical enjoyment. Somebody get me a piano. Or at least get me to my dance studio.

Maybe this is why church enjoys the coffee station atmosphere. Souls are laid bare over a cup of coffee with some great jazz. I believe its the ability to be lost in a sensation so strong and enduring. Coffee awakens the soul. It brings energy and life and charisma. Who wouldn't open up to something so steadfast?

So why can't the church be like that without the coffee? What would it take for a human being to enter into a platonic relationship with another human and feel the same revivification? Why can't we be the hands and feet of Christ by re-energizing someone? What is it about coffee that helps the soul be laid bare around an otherwise closed soul?

Maybe coffee is the key to saving lives.

All I know is that I like that feeling. I like being in the corner, reading and sipping a caffeinated beverage....completely open and undefiled.....ready for someone to join me. Ready to be stimulated by coversation and relationship. I know I'm ready.


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