Monday, September 18, 2006

Being a tool...

So that title is hilarious....exactly why I used it :)

I'm not talking about that kind of tool, though...I'm talking about being a tool for Christ. Seriously, I never thought that I would see God use me like He has in these past few days.

I'm not gonna lie, I've been through some crap lately. I've hurt a LOT and couldn't help but wonder what I did to deserve such pain. It wasn't until tonight that I realized just a smidgeon of why I went through it. A young lady that I admire a lot and myself have gotten to know each other this summer. We were never that close, but if it wasn't for my circumstances this summer, we would have probably never met. Tonight I found out that she is going through something very similar to what I've been going through these past 2 weeks. I would have had no clue how to encourage her and lift her up if it wasn't for this pain I've suffered. Hearing her words reminded me of myself a week ago...hearbroken, confused, hurt, broken down.... But, thankfully, the Lord has freed me of that. He's given me a peace that surpasses all understanding. Just today I was in my car and I turned off my radio and praised God for giving me the strength He's given me and asked Him to use what He's taught me. And God answers prayer!!! Tonight I was able to share with someone who was hurting...and hopefully use that as a ministry to work in her heart. I only pray that God heals her like He's healed me and help her see the greater good He's preparing for her!

Not only is it great to see God use me through that, but another person I met this summer through all of this has become my adopted little brother. He's dealt with a lot that he has kinda kept to himself. For some reason (hmmm...maybe God haha) he has totally opened up to me and came to me. Its great to see him tell me that I'm like a big sister that he can always turn to. And to think, if I had never gone through all of this pain and suffering, I never would have gotten the opportunity to meet him and minister to him. Praise God!

Both of them have been used as such a blessing to me and I hope they both know that. I can't wait to see God move the mountains in their life and I only pray that I can be half to them what they've been to me through all of this....even if they never even realized it :)

Thank you, Lord, for using me....I'll gladly be a tool for You anyday!


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