Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Joy in the Lord

Great faith is exhibited not so much in doing as in suffering.

I love seeing God work through suffering. As much as the suffering stinks, its a joy to see God's hand through it all. Great faith also comes in leaning. Leaning on God is a hard thing, at times, though. I lost the happiness that usually radiates from me lately, and I realized that the joy of the Lord really is my strength. I became weak and frustrated way too easily. Not until I made myself consciously wake up every morning and pray earnestly for joy, did I realize how strong I can be when I find that joy in Christ.

Francois Fenelon says that "the main thing is to suffer without becoming discouraged." When we can achieve suffering at that level, when we can take the blow and then no longer have to ask God to deliver us from it, then it has really fulfilled its blessed ministry in growing us. God's Word is perfect...and every one of my devotions this past week has been on the strength we receive from God when we suffer. He is crafting my heart into something great, and this suffering doesn't happen without blessings. I may not see the blessings for a while (or I may see them right away) but they are there...and when I see them, this joy will have made me so much stronger.


Blogger TechTiger said...

Hey, we've been praying for you and will keep doing so. I hope God helps bring you more joy than sorrow.

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